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Corn soup with fennel pollen

18 Sep

Blink and you might as well move along. Because you will miss this recipe entirely, I promise you. It’s that quick.

Two hours ago I hadn’t even thought of making this soup. And though I just referred to “this recipe,” that might be a bit of a stretch. Look, I was at a local farm stand and they had some pretty decent-looking corn. Soon there won’t be any corn left around here and so I grabbed six ears.

My associate had already prepared a lovely vitello tonnato for dinner, and so I moved fast to get the corn used while it’s still fresh.

I steamed the corn until it was pretty soft, then shaved off the kernels while they were still warm.

Pulverized the corn in the Vitamix, along with a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of fennel pollen, and that was the end of that. (Here’s a source for the fennel pollen if you don’t have one.)

And there you go: corn, salt, fennel pollen, that’s it.

Gotta go pick out a wine for tonight’s veal. Have a good evening.