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Pepperoni & eggs

9 May

It’s growing on me.

Until last weekend I had never eaten an egg with pepperoni mixed into it. In fact, I rarely eat anything with pepperoni in it, on it, or even near it.

America’s Number One pizza topping just doesn’t do it for me. It never did.

But while going through a list of favorite childhood foods that friends helped me to compile recently, this one showed up under a category termed “comfort foods.” It was passed along to me by my friend Joe and I must admit to being a little surprised by its inclusion. Joe and I are around the same age, have similar food tastes, and are proud products of the same social condition: Italian-American neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

And yet I had never heard of pepperoni & eggs, let alone tasted it.

“What is it about the combo that works?” Joe pondered in his notes. “Salt and sweet? Smooth and chewy? A mystery of life.”

“Haven’t had it in a while,” my friend added. “Should do something about that.”

Long story short, he didn’t, but I did. I have prepared pepperoni & eggs twice since Saturday (aka Derby Day, at least this year), once for breakfast and once for lunch. To do this, I needed to go out and buy some pepperoni, which got me wondering whether I had even done such a thing before.

If you are a fan of the pepperoni then this has got to be a must-try. If you are not a fan, it might still be worth a one-off, as it is nothing if not filled with flavor.

Me? There’s still enough of the spicy sliced stuff left in the fridge to make two, maybe three more servings. After that I’ll decide whether Joe and I are on the same page with this “comfort food” of his.

I’m beginning to lean in that direction, but the morning line still shows even odds.