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Pumpkin & ricotta ravioli

2 Nov
I’m a big fan of the freshly baked pumpkin pie. (Hear that, Josephine?) But I’m more of a pasta maker. And roasted pumpkin makes a really swell ravioli filling.
Our guest of honor, an American Tondo. This pumpkin’s roots (so to speak) are in Italy. It is relatively new to the U.S., and I like it a lot. A local farmer grew them this year.
Pretty, huh?
Anyway, so you cut it up into one-inch pieces, toss into a roasting pan and season with salt, pepper, nutmeg, rosemary and (of course) garlic.
About half an hour at 375 degrees ought to do it.
And it’s ready for the Cuisinart. (You could just mash it all up by hand instead, which would give the filling more texture. I’d have done that had I not been adding the cheese.)
Get (or make) yourself some ricotta. (The pic doesn’t show this, but I wound up with two-thirds pumpkin and a third cheese.)
And mix it up by hand, like so.
Then it’s on to the pasta sheets. (Yes, Jeannie, I will one day dedicate an entire post to making fresh pasta.)
Cover and shape with pasta sheet No. 2.
Let the pastry cutter do its thing.
And there you go.
A simple brown butter sauce will do. But, hey, it’s your ravioli, do what you want.