What are friends for?

29 May

Over the next couple of weeks many of these corn kernels will be planted in several undisclosed locations around the Northeast. I know this because I am personally dispersing them as we speak.

In the interest of plausibly denying the specific whereabouts of the crops I have chosen to not ask any questions.

Neither should you.

See, back in 2012, I came into possession of a handful of seeds meant to grow corn not for eating but for manufacturing polenta. (Here’s the original post, showing how to make your own polenta at home.)

Though the seed was at one time available in the United States it hasn’t been for several years now. I never was able to find out why it was banned, not definitively, though a well-informed friend and I have long suspected that The Evil Monsanto might have something to do with it. (You know, the Monsanto that controls around 80 percent of the country’s corn crop.)

This friend—let’s call him “Tony”—surprised and delighted me the other day by slipping me a couple ears just in time for this year’s planting season. I had stopped growing the polenta corn three years ago but Tony has kept it up ever since I gifted him with the seed to start his own crop.

Tony makes his living… Scratch that, nobody needs to know what he does. And he lives in… Actually, best we not reveal this information either. The point I’m trying to make is that the guy knows about growing stuff. And he’s become committed to keeping this strain of polenta corn around for as long as he is able, no matter what Big Ag does to kill off such noble efforts.

Sadly, I had somehow managed to lose sight of my responsibility in this mission.

I’m lucky to have a friend who could set me straight.

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